Dry (dri ) adj
: not wet : not moist: free from a liquid and especially water

Deflect ( de·flect ) verb
: to turn aside especially from a straight course or fixed direction; change the direction of

: Your easy to install, low cost, effective and sustainable, best practice solution for diverting roofline water

flashing diverter unit: White kick out.
U.S. Patent #6,681,530
Foreign Patents Pending



 Kick-Out Diverter Flashing
A Water Management Strategy For Sloped Roofs That Meet Vertical Walls

"Research Has Determined That Kick-Out Diverter Flashing Is
No Longer Optional, But A Necessary Requirement."
 Stay Dry With DryFlekt… And Protect Your Property
Water Belongs In The Gutter, Not Inside The Walls
Designed & Developed For Use In All Wall Claddings.  

Current Events and News

Parksite Introduces DryFlekt® - Demonstration of DryFlekt® Kick-Out Diverter Flashing hosted by Steve Easley, an internationally recognized construction consultant, and Bob Givens, the inventor of DryFlekt®
Length: 11:16 by Parksite

Fine Home Homebuilding Article - How to Flash Troublesome Eave-to-Wall Intersections
March 5th, 2009 by Mike Guertin

Fine Homebuilding Video - Direct Water Into Gutters with a Kickout Flashing Diverter
Length: 3:30 by Mike Guertin

Building Media Inc. Video Green Building Initiative - Resource Efficiency
Length: 4:45 by Steve Easley

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You can also view a 3-D CAD Engineer's Model of DryFlekt®

Contact DryFlekt® for information regarding our newest Building Envelope Flashing Component, the DryFlekt® Kick-Out Diverter. The best practice solution for diverting roofline water. Our patented design creates a downward and outward water flow off the roof and away from walls, designed to prevent water intrusion at roof to wall intersections. Whether you're an architect in search of efficient design options, or a contractor in need of a reliable roofing product, we're here to help with top-quality products that produce effective, sustainable results every time. See our Order Page or Contact Us to discuss this industry-approved, one-of-a-kind item that is essential for both residential and light commercial applications.


DryFlekt Roofline Water kickout diverter flashing

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